Highlights from the Wrangell Assembly COVID Work Session include:

Members of Wrangell’s Emergency Operating Center or EOC are working with Sea Level Seafoods on a plan to bring Sea Level plant workers into Wrangell.

SEARHC is working toward putting into place mass community testing where everyone and all businesses can receive COVID tests upon request.

The city is expecting the state to put out changes to Mandate 10, though it is not known what those changes will be. Residents are asked to keep tuned for the update to Mandate 10, relating to Interstate Travel and Hunting and Fishing Lodges.

The city is working on a CARES funding distribution plan.

There has been an increase in suicide and mental health issues in recent months. Borough Manager asks all residents to please reach out to family, friends and neighbors to check in, help out and lend a hand if you can. We benefit when we take care of each other.

The Wrangell Chamber, Wrangell EOC and community members are working on a 4th of July celebration plan. Captain Sprehe commented that plans for large gatherings are to be submitted to the state. The state will offer guidance to communities on safely planning for such events including best practices for sanitization, physical distancing and hand washing. In short, not letting our guard down. Mya DeLong says details will be coming in the near future.

Mayor Prysunka says we are getting closer to an agreement for the COVID Isolation facility.