Recreation and Road Report for July 29th– August 5th.        

Road Conditions/Construction:

  • Road brushing and grading is ongoing on the McCormack Creek Road (FS 6265) & Fools’s Road (FS 6270).

Logging Traffic:                 

  • On Zarembo Island, there is log haul from the Zarembo Lake Road (FS 52026) & FS Road 52014 to St. Johns.

Recreational Reminders:              

  • Forest recreation sites are open to enjoy, but please continue following Borough & State COVID-19 health guidance and mandates. (
  • Anan Wildlife Observatory is now open and staffed. Permits are still required for visiting from July 5th –August 25th. One change for this season is that no permits will be available at the District office, but the amount of daily permits available to the public to reserve on the website has increased from 12 to 24.  You can also call the Reservation line at (877) 444-6777. There are plenty of permits still available, and the bear viewing has been great recently.
  • As you visit recreation sites and cabins, please notify us if you notice anything damaged or needing attention. Call the front desk at 874-2323 to report conditions.
  • Please continue to pack out what you pack into recreation sites; this is even more important now in ensuring the health & safety of the recreating public.
  • Firewood is not guaranteed at cabins and campsites right now, except at Middle Ridge Cabin.

Community Information:

  • Federal subsistence harvest permits are being issued through the mail. Call the front desk at 874-2323 if you want a federal harvest permit for fish or wildlife, including designated hunter permits. There is now a drop box outside of the District Office to return subsistence fishing reports.
  • As part of an inventory for an upcoming project, Forest Service personnel will be contacting people with vehicles parked at Roosevelt Harbor. You can also contact us regarding ownership by calling 907-305-0842 or by email at 

Stewardship Message of the Week:

As the beginning of deer season arrives, we would like to remind hunters that it is illegal and unsafe to shoot from, across or along roadways.