This written report is a synopsis, not an exact transcript of Captain Sprehe’s audio. Please listen to the full audio for the full report.

Captain Dorianne Sprehe brings us the 8-19-20 COVID update. Wrangell’s COVID count remains unchanged with 15 total cases, all of which have recovered. Dorianne wants to thank everyone for working to getting the case number back to zero.

Looking at state numbers, Alaska currently has a total of 5,247 positive resident and non-resident cases with 45 people currently hospitalized and there were 2 more COVID deaths in Alaska this week. State information available at

Sprehe reminds everyone of changes to Health Mandate 10 relating to travel into Alaska. Part of the mandate involves testing upon entering Alaska with strict social distancing in effect until negative test results are received. Sprehe discusses the difference between strict social distancing and quarantine. Strict social distancing means you can leave your residence but you need to make as few contacts as possible and be cautious of where you go and who you are in contact with. You are allowed in outdoor public places but you must stay 6 feet away from anyone who is not in your household and you must wear a face covering. Curbside shopping and food delivery is encouraged. You may not participate in sports or other group activities such as weddings or funerals. You may not go into any bars, restaurants, gyms, office buildings, schools or daycare facilities.

Asymptomatic free community testing is encouraged. This is available through December at the AICS clinic parking lot. Symptoms are wide and varied and everyone responds differently to the virus. Cloth face coverings are available at the Fire Hall, 874-3223 and at the library at 874-3535.