Road Conditions/Construction:

  • Zarembo Island road 6590 (the Middle Road) at mile post 38-39 will be closed to through traffic between the hours of 6 am to 4 pm for public safety during logging activity. Public access through this milepost will be before 6 am and after 4pm daily until further notice.

Logging Traffic:                 

  • On Etolin Island, there is logging activity and traffic on the Fish Trap Road FS 51540 to the Anita Bay scale yard. There is also road construction occurring on the Mosmon Road FS 6546.
  • On Zarembo Island, there is log haul from the Zarembo Lake Road (FS 52026) & FS Road 52014 to St. Johns.

Recreational Reminders:              

  • As you visit recreation sites and cabins, please notify us if you notice anything damaged or needing attention. Call the front desk at 874-2323 to report conditions.
  • Please continue to pack out what you pack into recreation sites; this is even more important now in ensuring the health & safety of the recreating public.
  • Firewood is not guaranteed at cabins and campsites right now, except at Middle Ridge Cabin.

Community Information:

  • Moose hunters can check in their moose at the Forest Service District Office this season. To make an appointment for moose check-ins, call 907-874-2323 or 907-305-0842. Appointment times will be available Monday-Friday from 8-4:30.
  • Federal subsistence harvest permits are being issued through the mail. Call the front desk at 874-2323 if you want a federal harvest permit for fish or wildlife, including designated hunter permits. There is now a drop box outside of the District Office to return subsistence fishing reports.
  • If you currently have a vehicle parked at Roosevelt Harbor, please contact the Forest Service to help us with our inventory needed for an upcoming project. Contact us with vehicle ownership information by calling 907-305-0842 or by email at 

(For more information on this project:

Stewardship Message of the Week:

This is the last report for the season. We would like to thank the community for helping us maintain recreation areas this year through keeping sites clean and reporting maintenance issues.