Lucy Robinson (left) and Clay Hammer in KSTK’s studio for Talk on the Rock, 15 December 2020.
(Sage Smiley / KSTK)
Listen to the episode here.

Talk on the Rock is KSTK’s almost-weekly local live call-in show. This week, host Sage Smiley spoke with Clay Hammer and Lucy Robinson about one of Wrangell’s longstanding traditions: The Wrangell Boat Parade.

This year’s boat parade will be at 6 p.m. on December 19 (this coming Saturday). If you’ve got a boat, put lights on it. If you’ve got a car, but lights on it and come watch on City Dock. Or put lights on yourself and come join the festivities! Boats will communicate on VHF Channel 10, and KSTK will broadcast VHF chatter as well as come Christmas tunes. Let’s get lit!