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Wrangell currently has 0 active cases of COVID19 in the community. As of today, the total case count for the state of Alaska is 46,483cases. That’s an increase of 1,655 cases from last week. 

As of today, 997people have required hospitalization. That includes  54 new hospitalizations over the last week. And as of today, 202 Alaskans have died. Six of those deaths have occurred during the last week. For more data, you can visit the COVID data hub at  For local case information & resources, you can visit

Most regions of Alaska other than the Southeast Regions continue to have high community transmission and are at a high alert level.  However, there has been a significant decrease in the cases across the state.  The decrease is thought to be a result of the individual actions that Alaskans are taking to slow the spread.  These actions such as: wearing a mask, staying home when you are sick, delaying unnecessary travel, taking care of your health, keeping your social circle small, and washing your hands are making a difference.  Keep up the solid work.

QUARANTINE:  If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have been informed that you are a close contact to someone that tested positive for COVID, you are required to quarantine.  According to the CDC, a 14-day quarantine period is still the safest quarantine duration; however, based on emerging science, CDC has issued updated guidance to provide two acceptable alternatives to shorten the quarantine period. Option 1 is a 7-day quarantine and a test.  Option 2 is a 10-day quarantine. Option 1 is subject to local testing availability.  Under both options, the CDC recommends that individuals take extra precautions until 14 days after exposure: watch for symptoms, wear a mask when in public areas, avoid crowds, maintain 6-foot distance from others, wash hands frequently, avoid any contact with high-risk persons, and discuss with your employer whether it is safe to return to work.

VACCINE: The second COVID-19 vaccine, developed by Moderna, is being distributed throughout Alaska.  As of today, more than 13,000 Alaskans have received a COVID-19 vaccine.  So far, approximately 350 Wrangell residents have received the vaccine.

All residents interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine are encouraged to register at Early registration allows SEARHC to effectively administer vaccinations to all interested people in the community. A SEARHC representative will call to schedule vaccinations based on sequencing guidelines.

SEARHC appreciates your patience and are working hard to distribute the vaccine as quickly as possible.  For additional information and questions, call the local clinic at 874-4700 or the COVID Hotline at 907.966.8799.

TESTING: Asymptomatic testing will remain available, but individuals will be required to cover testing fees at the time of testing. All patients must schedule an appointment to receive a test. This can be done M-F by calling the Clinic at 874-4700.  Airport testing will continue to be in place through June 2021.


The holidays can be difficult for many and this has been a particularly challenging year for many. Being away from family and friends during the holidays can be stressful.  If you need help or someone to talk to you can call the Alaska Careline at 1-877-266-4357 or text 4help to 839863.  If you need any assistance, including assistance with rent or food, Call 2-1-1 or reach out the Wrangell EOC at 874-2684. 

The EOC wishes you a safe and Happy New Year.  Take care Wrangell.

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