A Wrangell resident has tested positive for COVID-19, city officials said Thursday. It’s the only known active case in town and the first one reported in more than a month. 

City officials report the unnamed individual tested positive upon arrival at Wrangell’s airport, but did not specify what day the individual arrived. The person reportedly has been in isolation since that day. The city did not specify whether the COVID-positive individual has symptoms.

The city says there were several days of lag time from when the state’s COVID-19 dashboard reported a positive Wrangell resident and when local authorities were notified. The state logged the case on Monday but the Emergency Operations Center learned of it on Thursday morning. 

The city says 27 others who were previously diagnosed have since recovered.

Wrangellites who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have other COVID-related questions can call SEARHC’s COVID-19 hotline at (907) 966-8799.