Wrangell’s City Hall, 2020.
(Sage Smiley / KSTK)

Wrangell’s city clerk rejected a recall petition against the mayor on Wednesday, saying it doesn’t meet the legal standard required to force a special election.

The petition alleges Mayor Steve Prysunka broke laws last November by not giving enough notice when he called an emergency meeting to impose a mask mandate

But in a two-page letter dated February 17, city clerk Kim Lane wrote that the grounds were a disagreement and didn’t rise to misconduct, incompetence or failure to carry out official duties as required by the city’s code.

“… [T]he allegations of the application appear as instances to which the petitioners object to Mayor Prysunka’s political positions which are apparently contrary to those of certain voters,” Lane wrote.

Don McConachie Sr., who filed the petition on behalf of himself and nine other residents, told KSTK he intends to appeal within 30 days.

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