Road Conditions/Construction:

  • On Wrangell Island, the roads to major recreation sites are clear and passable, including the mainline McCormack Creek Road 6265, Nemo Loop Road 6267, the Fools Road 6270 & the 50060 Road to Middle Ridge Cabin.

Logging Traffic:                 

  • On Etolin Island, there are logging operations around Anita Bay.  Be cautious of timber falling activities out the Fish Trap Road 51540, and log haul from Mosman area, FS road 6546 to the LTF. 
  • On Zarembo Island, watch for log haul from the Zarembo Lake Road 52089 to the St John’s LTF.

Recreational Reminders:              

  • As you visit recreation sites and cabins early in the season, please notify the Wrangell Ranger District if you notice anything damaged or needing attention. Call the front desk at 874-2323 to report conditions.
  • The Forest Service is asking for help from the public with keeping recreation sites clean for other visitors and to prevent problems with wildlife. Sites are too numerous and spread out to be maintained daily, so please remember that all trash needs to be packed back out by users. If you can pack it in, you can pack it out. 
  • Just a reminder that firewood is not stocked at campsites, and while firewood at cabins may be supplied as available, it is not always guaranteed. The cabins on the Stikine Flats were just stocked with wood this spring, and thanks to the Stikine Sportsmen’s Association, wood is continually supplied at Middle Ridge Cabin.
  • Federal subsistence harvest permits for fish or wildlife are once again being issued at the District office. To speed up the process, it helps if you call the Wrangell District front desk at 874-2323 beforehand so it can be prepared prior to pickup.

Anan Wildlife Observatory

  • Trail construction work has started on the Anan Wildlife Observatory Trail. Work will be ongoing there until the permit season starts.
  • Starting this year, there has been a policy change for obtaining Anan Observatory Permits. There are only 12 private permits available on for the 2021 season July 5—Aug 25, and these may only be used by individuals who have their own transportation to Anan Wildlife Observatory. If you intend to utilize the services of a commercial guide to bring you to Anan, then your permit will be arranged through the guide. With this change, there will also not be any lottery permits at the front desk.

Community Programs

  • The weekly Friday Night Nemo Potlucks have started for the summer. Potlucks are held every Friday night starting at 6pm, continuing through the summer until the last Friday in August. Everyone is welcome, and the location is at the Nemo Information Site, which is the first developed site on the Nemo Recreation Loop, approximately 15 miles south of Wrangell.
  • Save the Date! The Pats Lake Family Fishing Day will be on Saturday, June 26th this year. 

This announcement is courtesy of KSTK and your Wrangell Ranger District.  Thanks for listening. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact our office at 907-874-2323.