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From Jamie Roberts with Wrangell’s Emergency Operations Center:

The EOC has reduced its staff as we work through the recovery phase of COVID.  We will still be here to provide resources and answer questions and assist with all things COVID.  It has been just shy of year that I have been bringing you COVID information on a Wednesday COVID update.  If needed, I will resume the Wednesday updates.  But for now, you can access statewide information including case rates, vaccination numbers, variant information, Health Advisories and more at the State website. You can access local information including the case count, local ordinances, how, when & where to get tested and how to sign up for the vaccine at the Wrangell COVID website

Statewide case rates continue to decrease. In Wrangell, we have 4 active cases, which include 2 new cases reported today. There is one local ordinance in place that requires unvaccinated individuals coming in from outside of Alaska to either test 72 hours before departing for Alaska or testing for free upon arrival.  The free airport testing program will be in place until the end of June for anyone who wants to get a test and does not have any symptoms.  Airport testing is available every day during jet arrival times.  If you have symptoms, please call the Wrangell Medical Center to schedule a test at 8784-7000. It’s important to test if you have symptoms regardless of your vaccination status as the vaccine is not 100% effective.  Anyone ages 12 & older can get a free vaccine; you can sign up for the vaccine at or call Wrangell Medical Center for an appointment.

While many of us have had the opportunity to get vaccinated, there are still those in our community who are not eligible yet.  We can collectively protect them by wearing a mask in their presence, staying home when sick, delaying unnecessary travel, taking care of your health, keeping your social circle small, and washing your hands.  

Here’s hoping this is the last time you have to hear me on the air giving a COVID update.   If you have any questions related to COVID contact the EOC at or call the COVID Hotline at 874-COVI (2684).