Road Conditions/Construction:

  • On Zarembo Island, the Beach Road 6590 has been cleared of all downed trees.

Logging Traffic:                 

  • On Etolin Island, there are logging operations around Anita Bay. Be cautious of log haul from the Fish Trap Road (FS 51540) and from the Mosman area (FS road 6546) to the LTF. 
  • On Zarembo Island, watch for log haul from the Zarembo Lake Road area to St John’s LTF.

Recreational Reminders:              

  • On the Rainbow Falls trail, a trail bridge before the falls is broken and unstable due to a fallen tree. Please use caution right now; the Forest Service staff hope to repair it in the next few weeks.
  • Most of the recreation cabins are in the process of being serviced & cleaned, but please continue to notify the Wrangell Ranger District if you notice anything damaged or needing attention. Call the front desk at 874-2323 to report conditions. 
  • Federal subsistence harvest permits for fish & wildlife are being issued at the District office. To speed up the process, it helps if you call the Wrangell District front desk at 874-2323 beforehand so it can be prepared before pickup. As sockeye season has closed, please remember to return your reports. There is now a drop box outside of the District Office where you can return them.
  • As the beginning of deer season arrives, we would like to remind hunters that it is illegal and unsafe to shoot from, across or along roadways.

Anan Wildlife Observatory

  • Permits are required for visiting Anan from July 5th –August 25th. Remember that if you are going with a commercial guide, they will arrange for your permit. If you are going to Anan with your own transportation, you obtain the permit from the website. You can also call the Reservation line at (877) 444-6777.

Community Programs

  • The weekly Friday Night Nemo Potlucks are continuing for the summer. Potlucks are held every Friday night starting at 6pm, until the last Friday in August. Everyone is welcome, and the location is at the Nemo Information Site, which is the first developed site on the Nemo Recreation Loop, approximately 15 miles south of Wrangell.