A privacy booth at the 2020 municipal election in Wrangell.
(Sage Smiley / KSTK)

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The ballot for Wrangell’s municipal election is set, and there will be three contested races in the October 5 election.

Incumbent assembly member Dave Powell has filed to run for a one-year assembly term, and will be challenged by Don McConachie Sr., who resigned as Wrangell’s mayor in 2013, citing health concerns. McConachie has also previously held assembly seats. 

All three of the school board seats up for election will be contested. 

Four community members have filed to fill the two available full-term (three-year) seats on the school board. Those are Angela Allen, Alex Angerman, Brittani Robbins and Elizabeth Roundtree. 

Two candidates are running for the lone one-year term available on Wrangell’s school board: Julia Ostrander and Jessica Whitaker.

None of the current school board members whose seats are up for election filed declarations of candidacy. 

There are also three races that are uncontested. 

Current assembly member Bob Dalrymple has filed to run for one of the two available, full-term assembly seats. That’s a three-year position. Jim DeBord also filed for a three-year assembly term. DeBord most recently sat on Wrangell’s assembly in 2019.

There are no challengers on the port commission. Incumbents John Martin and Frank Roppel have filed for re-election, and Chris Buness will be running for the second available seat being vacated by Brian Merritt, who is not running.

In total, nine seats on various assemblies, boards, and commissions will be on the local ballot on October 5.

While the ballot is set, Wrangell voters can still submit their declarations to be a write-in. Write-in candidates can only be elected to a borough position if they have submitted a letter declaring their write-in candidacy with the borough clerk before 4 p.m. October 1.

Borough Assembly – 2 seats (3-year terms)1. Jim Debord
2. Bob Dalrymple
Borough Assembly – 1 seat (1-year term)1. Don McConachie, Sr.
2. Dave Powell
School Board – 2 seats (3-year terms1. Angela Allen
2. Alex Angerman
3. Brittani Robbins
4. Elizabeth Roundtree
School Board – 1 seat (1-year term)1. Julia Ostrander
2. Jessica Whitaker
Port Commission – 2 seats (3-year terms)1. Chris Buness
2. John Martin
Port Commission – 1 seat (1-year term)1. Frank Roppel
The candidates list for the October 5 election.

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