Mia’s Gift – Episode 1

Mia Wiederspohn introduces herself and her podcast. Teacher Virginia Oliver introduces herself. Mia talks with fellow students about their favorite Tlingit words. Mia reads “The Mountain Dweller” from Otter Tales and talks with Virginia and students about Wrangell history.

Mia’s Gift – Episode 2

Students introduce themselves and talk about the Wrangell Institute. Mia reads “The Woman Who Married a Land Otter” from Otter Tales.

Mia’s Gift – Episode 3

Mia introduces herself in more detail and talks about family. Mia tells the Fog Woman story.

Mia’s Gift – Episode 4

Mia discusses Tlingit identity and asks students, “Where are you from?”. Virginia tells the story of Gunnakadate.

Mia’s Gift – Episode 5

Mia teaches us about the Wrangell Institute. Mia begins with the politics and logistics of getting the school started, then shifts to student life at the institute. Mia reads Jim LaBelle’s testimony as former Wrangell Institute student and the abuse he and others suffered.