Recreation and Road Report for September 14 – 21  

Road Conditions/Construction:

  • The road shoulder on the way to Middle Ridge Cabin has been repaired.
  • On Zarembo Island, there is a large washout on the FS 6590 “Middle” Road, between mile post 34 and 35 on Zarembo island. This closes the entire road at that spot and the public needs to exercise caution in that area.

Logging Traffic: 

  • There are falling and logging operations on the Upper Basin Road 6263. This includes log haul traffic on the Upper Basin Road & the mainline 6265 Road.

Community Information:

  • Federal subsistence harvest permits for fish & wildlife are being issued at the District office. To speed up the process, it helps if you call the Wrangell District front desk at 874-2323 beforehand so your permit can be prepared before pickup. As sockeye season has closed, please remember to return your reports. There is now a drop box outside of the District Office where you can return them.
  • The Alaska Department of Fish & Game reminds moose hunters that permits can be obtained online at Just click on the Get Your Permit/Harvest Ticket button and be sure to select the RM038 moose permit. Petersburg ADF&G can be reached at 907-772-3801 for assistance. Aaron Powell will be checking in moose in Wrangell. He can be reached at 907-305-0113.
  • The parking area at Roosevelt Harbor is open again, but if you want to park any vehicle there, including ATVs & trailers, you are required obtain a free sticker from the Wrangell Ranger District front desk. Please park above the information sign in the approved parking area.

Recreational Reminders:              

  • With hunting season in full swing, the Wrangell Ranger District reminds hunters that it is illegal and unsafe to shoot from, across or along roadways.
  • And with moose season starting, remember that there are free permits available at the district office for possession and/or use of motorized winches and chainsaws in the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness.
  • National Visitor Use Monitoring Surveys are being conducted until the end of September. This is a national voluntary survey conducted to monitor forest recreation use- they are confidential and last up to ten minutes. The information collected is used for National Forest funding & planning, so please stop & give a few moments of your time when you encounter surveyors at recreation sites & harbors or receive phone calls asking about cabin visits.