This announcement is courtesy of KSTK and your Wrangell Ranger District.

Road Conditions/Construction:

  • Road work and rock haul is occurring on the 6275 road from the junction of the 6299 road to Thom’s Creek Crossing.

Logging Activity:

  • There is log haul and road construction activities occurring in the Fools Crossing area of the #6273 Road.
  • Thinning is completed on Wrangell Island for this year.  Thinning around the Nemo Recreation Sites opened views of Zamovia Straits and allowed sunlight to reach berry bushes to improve berry productivity.  Brush has been cleared from around the recreation sites.

Anan Wildlife Observatory:  

  • The permit season has ended at Anan.  You won’t need a permit to visit. Food and flavored beverages are not allowed beyond the trailhead and at the deck until September 15th. Please read the safety information at the trailhead.  If you encounter a bear on the trail remain calm, don’t run or scream.  Stay on the trail.

•  The Forest Service is moving the Anan float house back to town this week.

Recreational Reminders:              

  • The hole in the Deep Bay Cabin outhouse floor was patched.
  • The Alaska Department of Fish & Game reminds moose hunters that permits can be obtained online at Click on the Get Your Permit/Harvest Ticket button and be sure to select the RM038 moose permit. Petersburg ADF&G can be reached at 907-772-3801 for assistance. Aaron Powell will be checking in moose in Wrangell. He can be reached at 907-305-0113.
  • To prepare for moose season, remember that there are free permits available at the district office for possession and/or use of motorized winches and chainsaws in the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness.
  • If you are parking a vehicle at Roosevelt Harbor on Zarembo Island, remember to pick up a free 2023 season sticker from the Wrangell Ranger District front desk. To prevent the new parking area from collecting derelict vehicles, an annual sticker is now required to park any type of vehicle there, including ATVs, trailers and campers.
  • There is not a usable dock at Roosevelt Harbor.
  • The Wrangell District front desk issues designated hunter permits for deer harvest. It helps if you call beforehand at 907-874-2323 so your permit can be prepared in advance. The district office reminds hunters that it is illegal and unsafe to shoot from, across or along roadways.
  • If you received a federal subsistence permit to fish for sockeye salmon, please remember to return your reports. There is a drop box outside of the district office where you can return them.

This information is courtesy of KSTK and the Wrangell Ranger District.