Courtesy Federal Emergency Management Agency

The automatic tax extension for people who reside or do business in Wrangell is nearing its deadline.

The Internal Revenue Service extended the 2023 tax returns and payments deadline to July 15. This was in response to the deadly landslide that hit Wrangell last November.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency gave the local tribal government, the Wrangell Cooperative Association, a disaster declaration in March. Following that, the IRS postponed tax filings for anyone who resides or does business in the 99929 zip code.

Other tax payments qualify for the July 15 deadline as well, such as quarterly estimated tax payments and other returns and payments relating to businesses, organizations and corporations.

Basically, any deadline between November 20 and July 15 has a July 15, 2024 deadline.

Taxpayers who need more time past the July 15 deadline must request an extension on paper. People will not be able to file online because e-file options are not available after the normal tax deadline on April 15. People must file for an extension on paper and mailed in.

If a Wrangell taxpayer receives a late filing or payment penalty notice from the IRS, they should call the phone number on the notice to have the IRS clear the penalty.

Also, Wrangell taxpayers should request the IRS to include them in the tax relief if they reside or do business outside of town or haven’t changed their address to the 99929 zip code. This can be done by calling the IRS disaster hotline at 866-562-5227. This can also include individuals who assisted with relief activities and are associated with a government or philanthropic organization.

Those who suffered from uninsured or unreimbursed disaster losses can claim them on the 2023 tax return.