KSTK is required by the Federal Communications Act to establish a Community Advisory Board (CAB).   The CAB is an advisory board, not a governing board.   The former Wrangell Radio Group Board of Directors currently heads up the KSTK CAB  to provide local support as an advisory board with the same level of commitment and similar process that it provided as a governing board.  The CAB may review the stations programming goals, review services and policies provided by KSTK,  and make recommendations on meeting the needs of Wrangell.  While the former governing board heads up the CAB, other members of the community are welcome to join the CAB.

  • Period of Commitment – KSTK Advisory Board members are committed t to three-year terms on the advisory board and follow the former seat rotation of the governing board members. After three years, members may nominate themselves, or another individual to fulfill the next three-year term of commitment. Recruitment from the community may occur if needed.  Nominations will be discussed and seats appointed by the advisory board.
  • Number of Members – The core KSTK advisory board is made up of seven committed members. However, additional community members are welcome to join the advisory board and attend meetings. 
  • Frequency of Meetings – The KSTK Advisory Board meets monthly and requires a quorum of at least four of the seven committed members to be in attendance. Regular meetings are open to the public.
  • Local Representation on the CoastAlaska Board – The KSTK Advisory Board nominates two of its members for consideration to represent KSTK on the CoastAlaska board.
  • Key Functions of the KSTK Advisory Board:
    • Support and join in KSTK fundraising events
    • Participate in community engagement
    • Act as ambassadors of the station
    • Reviews programming goals, services and policies and makes recommendations accordingly

Current CAB Members:

Angie Eldred Flickinger – a5eldred@gmail.com

 Jeanie Arnold – jeanieaarnold@hotmail.com

Collin Dando – collindando@me.com

Devyn Moody – devyn_moody@hotmail.com

 Nola Walker – nolaj@hotmail.com

 Walter Moorhead – luckydog1@gci.net

Andrea Laughlin – Andrea.Laughlin@akics.org