The FCC grants the exclusive right to broadcast editorials at public radio stations to the station licensee, which is usually the board of directors. At KSTK, the board of directors extends that editorial privilege to members of the public in a limited forum known as a “Commentary.”

Definition of a commentary:

Commentaries are opinion pieces recorded by individuals and are meant for the advancement of public discourse.

KSTK staff will record and broadcast the following disclaimer before and after airing each commentary:

“KSTK has an Open Airwaves Policy. We encourage the public to express opinions, ideas, and creative works. Views and opinions expressed in this commentary do not necessarily reflect the opinions of KSTK’s staff, volunteers, board of directors, or underwriters.”

KSTK welcomes commentaries under the following conditions:

  • All commentaries should be limited to 3 minutes
  • Commentary writers must identify themselves once at the beginning and once at the end of the recorded commentary. No pseudonyms are permitted.
  • Commentaries cannot contain libelous or slanderous statements about individuals, organizations, or religions. Any other statement which could be construed as an attack is discouraged, and may be subject to FCC notification rules. In some cases, KSTK may invite individuals or organizations identified in your commentary to offer a rebuttal commentary.
  • Commentaries must be original, and written in your own words.
  • Commentaries cannot contain calls to action.
  • KSTK will make every effort to play the commentary at least three times, with the understanding that news events shall take precedence.
  • KSTK reserves the right to edit commentaries for time, content, and taste.
  • KSTK reserves the right to reject a commentary. The ruling by KSTK’s General Manager will be final.
  • KSTK will determine the date and time a commentary is broadcast, and may refuse to broadcast a commentary for any reason.
  • Individuals may be limited to one commentary every two months, not to exceed six commentaries per year.
  • Candidates for public office shall not record commentaries between the time of filing for office and the election in which they are on the ballot.

Steps to take:

  •  Type your commentary
  • Mail, email, or drop off your commentary  to the KSTK General Manager.  Please include your phone number.
     General Manager:
    Phone: (907) 874-2345
    P.O. Box 1141, Wrangell, AK  99929
  • A producer will call you to schedule a recording session
  • The commentary will be scheduled for broadcast