KSTK Local Content and Services Report

February, 2017

KSTK’s goal is to deliver relevant radio programming and web content that enlightens and informs while providing a format for multiple community voices and viewpoints. KSTK produces 4 local, regional, and statewide newscasts each weekday and posts those reports on our website and social media. Whether reaching out through news, live talk shows or volunteer programs, KSTK strives to involve citizens from all areas of our community. This includes local government, native leaders, students, teachers, civic organization leaders, business professionals, and heads of a wide variety of organizations. KSTK offers broadcast training to the community in general, and to Wrangell’s youth specifically. We work with the school district collaborating on student projects and sports broadcasts. KSTK has a partnership with the City & Borough of Wrangell with an on-going Borough Media project that airs Borough Assembly meetings live, posts the audio of those meetings on kstk.org and archives all Borough Assembly meetings for the community. KSTK hosts live political candidate forums from city hall providing an opportunity for community members to ask questions of the candidates in person. These forums are broadcast live. KSTK is a member of Wrangell’s Local Emergency Planning Committee. We partner with the local police department, fire department, search and rescue and first responders to keep Wrangell notified of what to do in the event of a civic or natural emergency. KSTK is the LP1 for the Wrangell area providing Emergency Alert announcements to the surrounding area. KSTK continues to work with Native Elders and culture bearers on Alaska Native Language projects that strive to celebrate the culture and keep the local Tlingit language alive.

In addition to the government and educational partnerships listed in #1, KSTK’s key collaboration is with the five Southeast Alaska communities, seven stations that make up CoastAlaska. This cooperation of stations is an excellent example of effective collaboration. The CoastAlaska member stations share finance, payroll, membership, news, development, and engineering staff and we share the cost of employing those staff. This collaboration gains efficiencies in shared services and cost savings. KSTK partners with Pick, Click, Give each year encouraging Alaskan’s to donate a portion of their dividend to charitable organizations across the state. KSTK partners with the local Chamber of Commerce to help further the cause of local non-profits and promote community events and fundraising efforts. KSTK works with the State Department of Health and Human Services to get information out about immunizations and disease outbreaks. We work with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to get fisheries information out to Commercial Fishermen regarding season openings and closures. KSTK coordinates with the State DEC regarding environmental concerns and the US Coast Guard regarding vessel exams and other information to mariners.

KSTK’s impact in bringing awareness and learning about a variety of issues is very significant as KSTK is the only daily local media source. Measuring by in person conversations, phone calls and emails, many individuals and agencies value KSTK’s outreach. Health professionals have commented an increase in elders and youth getting flu shots after KSTK’s educational outreach. The local Alaska Native tribe is thrilled about our partnership with them. Our Tlingit Phrase of the Week project helps to enrich lives across cultures through learning and celebrating the Tlingit language as taught through cultural tradition and seasonal observations. On the political front, many individuals have indicated the value they place on KSTK’s live political forums that connect constituents directly with our representatives in the state capitol.

According to the most current census data, Wrangell is made up of 70% Caucasian, 20% Alaska Native and 10% mixed race people. KSTK airs news from the Alaska Public Radio Network that is relevant to all Alaskans, native and non-native alike. KSTK offers programming especially relevant to Alaska Natives. Some examples include Tlingit Phrase of the Week and National Native News. KSTK has many Alaska Native volunteer music hosts who play music that is meaningful to them and selected by them. Local Native organizations are making an effort to teach and revive their traditional Tlingit language. KSTK has worked, and will continue to work, with local native leaders to continue these projects.

CPB funding is critical to KSTK’ success. As a small rural Alaskan station, we are limited to the amount of local support we can raise. Without funding from the CPB and other non-federal sources, KSTK would not be able to sustain the quality broadcast services that are available now. Without CPB there likely would be no KSTK. Without KSTK, Wrangell would not have a reliable EAS service or any reliable daily news service. Wrangell would not be able to bring information from around the world into our community.