KSTK Local Content and Services Report

February, 2018

The recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Alaska reminded us that our top priority for meeting the needs of our community is accurate and timely emergency announcements.  KSTK is the LP1 for Wrangell, the initial contact for the community EAS, emergency alert system.  During the recent earthquake, KSTK received the automated EAS from the National Weather Service stating a tsunami warning was in effect for our area.  Making sure these systems are in place, funded, and operating properly is our top priority.  KSTK management is currently in communication with city officials, emergency responders and the local hospital to improve communications and improve our community emergency  response. There is nothing we do at KSTK more important than local emergency announcements. Additionally, KSTK continues to keep in touch with the community to determine relevant radio programming and web content that enlightens and informs while providing a format for multiple community voices and viewpoints.  The KSTK advisory board is planning a survey this year to help us evaluate our community service.  KSTK is launching a new public affairs program this spring that will discuss hot topics in Wrangell from local government to arts and culture to youth and school activities.

KSTK collaborates with media partners CoastAlaska, Alaska Public Radio Network and Alaska Public Broadcasting Inc.  As a CoastAlaska member station, we share engineering, development, news and administrative staff.  We contribute news reports to, and receive news reports from, Alaska Public Radio Network.  We share some engineering projects with Alaska Public Broadcasting Inc. Locally, KSTK is a member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee actively participating in keeping our community safe.  We are members of Wrangell’s Chamber of Commerce and work to promote the missions of local non-profits and businesses.  KSTK works directly with the school district on media projects including student broadcasting and radio broadcast of high school basketball games.  We work with a variety of agencies to get the word out about services including the State Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Fish and Game, the US Coast Guard and many health care service non-profits and governmental agencies.

KSTK’s collaboration with CoastAlaska, APRN and APBI has a huge impact in Wrangell.  KSTK is the only local source of daily news and information and most everyone in town relies on KSTK to broadcast accurate news from Wrangell and the state of Alaska.  As a participating member, KSTK contributes local news that is shared state wide.  This allows Wrangell to have a voice in Alaska and informs the rest of the state of local issues that are relevant to all Alaskans. The CoastAlaska and APRN news networks enable everyone across the state to be informed.  Alaska is a huge state of many remote villages.  These news networks are a lifeline for many Alaskans.  Additionally, KSTK is contacted regularly from parents and teachers excited about student involvement with the station.  We regularly connect community members with health care services. We’ve had an increase in phone calls from commercial fishermen and from the public regarding changing Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations.

Wrangell’s population is 70% Caucasian, 20% Alaska Native and 10% mixed. KSTK airs news from the Alaska Public Radio Network that is relevant to all Alaskans, native and non-native alike.  KSTK carries Native Voice One programs including National Native News and our locally produced Tlingit Phrase of the Week, teaching traditional Tlingit language.  KSTK airs Concierto, a bilingual Spanish-English music program that features Latin-American and Spanish composers and performers.  We welcome programming comments and suggestions year round and our 2018 programming survey will help us further identify the desires of our community members.