What does it mean to be a member of KSTK?

KSTK members provide a significant portion of the financial support that is necessary to keep public radio possible in Wrangell. Members donate to the station to keep the news, entertainment and programming on the air and on the web. A minimum donation of $20 a year makes you a KSTK member. In addition to being a significant part of the team that keeps KSTK available, members are entitled to join us for our Annual Membership Dinner and members have KSTK board member voting privileges.
Become a member today by donating online. Please also consider becoming a Sustaining Member , an easy way to continue your support through auto-pay.

Sustaining Member Benefits to you:

  • No more renewal letters
  • No more Quiet Drive Letters
  • Save on postage
  • Shorter on air drives

Sustaining Member Benefits to the station:

  • Reduces mailing costs and conserves resources
  • Reduces the paperwork of processing contributions
  • Provides financial resources to ensure quality programming for our members
  • More time for content and less on pledge drives

Questions? Email or call us at(907) 874-2345.