What does it mean to be a member of KSTK?

KSTK members provide a significant portion of the financial support that is necessary to keep public radio possible in Wrangell. Members donate to the station to keep the news, entertainment and programming on the air and on the web. A minimum donation of $20 a year makes you a KSTK member. In addition to being a significant part of the team that keeps KSTK available, members are entitled to join us for our Annual Membership Dinner and members have KSTK board member voting privileges.
Become a member today by donating online. Please also consider becoming a Sustaining Member , an easy way to continue your support through auto-pay.

What does it mean to be a sustaining member?
A Sustaining Membership is an easy and efficient way for you to support the programs you rely on through secure, automatic monthly payments from your credit card, debit card, or bank account. This means we’ll deduct your designated contribution from your account until you let us know to stop or change it. Sustaining members provide a stable source of revenue that we put directly into your favorite programs.

Sustaining Membership Benefits to you:

  • No more renewal letters
  • No more Quiet Drive Letters
  • Save on postage
  • Shorter on air drives

Sustaining Membership Benefits to the station:

  • Reduces mailing costs and conserves resources
  • Reduces the paperwork of processing contributions
  • Provides financial resources to ensure quality programming for our members
  • More time for content and less on pledge drives

How do I sign up to be a sustaining member?
When entering your donation online, check the box that says “Yes! Make my pledge a sustaining one.” You can also call us at (907) 874-2345.

Can I be a sustaining member if I only donate once annually or does this option only apply to monthly donations?
You may select monthly or quarterly installments or the option of automatically renewing a once-per-year donation. Please remember that when you auto-renew a once-per-year donation using your credit card, your card will automatically be charged every 12 months.

What if I want to increase my contribution?
You are welcome to change your contribution amount or frequency at any time, simply give us a call! You are also welcome to make an additional gift at any time. The same procedures apply if your financial circumstances change and you need to reduce your gift.

What if my credit card expires or changes?
If your credit card expires or changes please call the CoastAlaska Membership Department at (907) 586-1670 ext 403. We cannot currently accept credit card changes online.

Is my contribution still tax-deductible?
Yes! You will receive an annual thank you letter on the anniversary of your initial gift to use for tax purposes.

How do I stop my auto payments? To stop your sustaining membership, simply call our membership office at 907-586-1670 ext. 403, or send us your request in writing. You DO NOT need to notify your bank or credit card company.

What is the benefit of keeping public radio in Wrangell?
The benefit is that our programming is chosen based on its value to you. The mission of public radio is to serve the public rather than make a profit. It is the noncommercial part of the modern media landscape – designed specifically to inform, educate, and enhance the lives of the public. We rely on the financial contributions of our listeners rather than advertisers which is what allows our on-air content to stay diverse, informative, and entertaining.

Why is my donation so important?
KSTK is able to stay community-minded and commercial-free because our funding comes from our listeners and local underwriters, not advertisers. This means that we rely on your financial contributions to stay viable in Wrangell.

Should I wait until the Membership Drive to donate?
Right now is the best time to donate to KSTK. The more funds we raise during the year, the shorter our on-air drives will be, which means we can get back to your regular programming sooner. Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member, which is the easiest way to support public radio in Wrangell.

How can I donate?
You can contribute any time by clicking “Donate Now” on our secure website, or give us a call at (907) 874-2345 and we will be happy to take your donation by phone.

Thank you for supporting KSTK – your Stikine River Radio!