KSTK is as good as we make it.  By ‘we’ I mean all of us in Wrangell.  The more community participation, the better the station is.  What would make KSTK even better?  You!  

  • Be a volunteer music host.  If you have a favorite style or genre of music, why not share it with the community as a music host?  Stop by the station and ask about training to become a KSTK music volunteer.  
  • Be a guest on Talk On The Rock.  Are you a member of an organization or passionate about a particular topic or issue in Wrangell?  Ask about being a guest on Talk On The Rock, KSTK’s weekly live call-in program.
  • Call in.  Join the Talk On the Rock conversation by calling in and being part of the discussion.  Be an active participant.
  • Contact us with news tips.  Are you in the know?  Do you have information on a news item that impacts Wrangell or the region?  Call us at 874-2345 with your news tip.
  • Join us during On-Air Membership Drives and Special Events.  The more community members that participate, the better the station is.  KSTK represents everyone in Wrangell and everyone in Wrangell is encouraged to participate and represent!  Pledge Drives and events are fun and as they say; the more, the merrier!
  • Be a Member with a financial donation.    None of the services KSTK offers would be available without donations from people like you.  Members are the back bone of the operation.  
  • Be a Sponsor.  Do you own or manage a business?  Your business can be a program sponsor and get the word out about what your business offers in the community while making great radio possible in your community.  Community members will know that your business had made a conscience decision to support your station and your community.  Customers appreciate businesses that ‘give back’.  Ask about KSTK’s sponsorship opportunities.