Welcome to the Wrangell Fire Department

The Wrangell Volunteer Fire Department consists of 36 active volunteers, reserve members, 1 full time Firefighter and 1 part time Fire Chief. Members not only run the local Fire Department, but also the Emergency Medical Services and Search and Rescue program for Wrangell and the central southeast region. These members are hard working citizens of Wrangell who devote their time and effort at a moments notice to saving life and property for the community and throughout the central southeast Alaska region.

The Wrangell Fire Department covers an area of approximately 6000 square miles, benefiting the neighboring City of Petersburg and other remote communities. They answer over 320 calls a year. Members use the City's equipment, as well as their own equipment, boats and planes for emergency calls. They train three nights a month through mostly certified in-house instructors. There are 15 EMT-1's, 10 EMT 2's, 7 ETT's,. There are also EMS instructors among the volunteers who teach first aid, CPR and EMT classes to the department members, people in Wrangell and the outlying communities.

The Department has developed an outstanding Search and Rescue division to provide immediate assistance to protect life and property and aid in emergency situations. The Search and Rescue Program is recognized by the Coast Guard and State Troopers. A great deal of commercial and recreational activity occurs on the water and in the surrounding remote wilderness, which can be harsh with weather changes occurring instantly. Survival depends on proper gear, preparation and when necessary, fast and effective emergency response. The Search and Rescue Program responds to a variety of emergency situations and is prepared to boat, fly, dive, or mountain climb to respond to a situation.

The Wrangell Volunteer Fire Department, Wrangell Ambulance and Wrangell Search and Rescue have had an incredibly positive influence in Wrangell as well as the outlying communities. It is also our Department, using their trained pyrotechnicians, who design and perform an incredible fireworks display for the Fourth of July.

There is a Wrangell Firefighters Association, a non-profit association that raises money to help fund all three divisions of the Department.